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19 Sep

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Lisa | Chicago Portrait Photographer

25 Aug

When first talking with Lisa about ideas for our session together she mentioned she would love to go to the beach for her shoot. How could I turn that down?! We decided to hit up North Avenue Beach in the city. This was only my second time photographing at the beach and I have to say, I love it more each time! Something so serene about it then to get that amazing light that we had plus the perfect temperatures and wonderful city skyline – I’d say it was pretty wonderful!

Lisa has had prior modeling experience but I wanted this to focus on her being herself and staying in tune to being natural and showing off her style & personality! She made my job extremely easy and that helped me really focus on getting some outstanding shots! I love the feel of these images. They feel so summery! Enjoying the last bits of summer while we can till Fall comes around 🙂

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm 1.8 lens

Alexandria | Chicago Teen Portrait Photographer

24 Aug

Alexandria was so much fun to photograph. With her experience in acting she really shined through and new exactly how to portray her emotions to the camera – like a pro! I have photographed her younger sister and older brother earlier this summer and this family continues to amaze me with their constant support of each other and myself! I love them! So much fun to see them so frequently and have them be a big help in expanding my portfolio!

Alexandria was also very much into the 30’s and 40’s era which is the vibe we tried to go with for the last 2 outfits. I can say myself how much of what I love surrounds that time era. Such an amazing time that I’d love to go back to! It was fun to “step back in time” per say! Please enjoy the preview as she did an outstanding job!

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II + a 50mm 1.8 lens + a reflector!

Joanna + Jack | Chicago Engagement Photographer

23 Aug

Let me first begin by apologizing for the lack of keeping up with the blog! I’ve been so incredibly busy with sessions left and right that I haven’t had much time to keep up with this. Trying to change that though! So many great things to share with you guys. I’ll start off with my most recent session which comes to you straight from last evening.

Joanna had contacted me earlier this summer and after talking to her about how they met and how Jack proposed, I just knew we had to do the session in the city. Something about it makes me come to life. So many things surrounding you that can be turned into something beautiful. We took our adventure onto Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park and just had a blast walking through the city and constantly finding new locations. Weather was perfect too!

I honestly try to grow as much as I can during each and every session. Whether it’s trying new ideas or stepping out of my comfort zone, I’m always on the verge of making myself keep reaching higher and higher.  I believe Joanna & Jack helped me do just that last night. My best wishes to you both in a lifetime full of happy memories 🙂 Thanks again!

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm 1.8 and 35mm 2.0.

Fall + Winter 2010 | New pricing & Promotions!

20 Jul

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of the whole blogging thing. I’ve been keeping super busy which I am completely grateful for! Thanks to each and everyone of you guys for the constant support of Stephanie Pana Photography. It’s already taken off so well, I can’t wait to see what the future holds 🙂

Speaking of the future, it is already time to start thinking of the Fall and yes Winter/Holiday time! Call me crazy but it is my favorite time of the year! Currently, I am booked up through August but have availability as soon as September 1st! Along with this, I have done a little “rearranging” of sorts…

New pricing debuted today! I have consolidated things and made it a bit easier to follow! I currently offer the following:

The Basic Session $175

  • 1-2 hour session on location(s)
  • Allows for up to two people ($25 per additional person)
  • Up to four outfit changes ($25 per additional outfit)
  • A Private Online Gallery of 20-30 images
  • A Portrait CD of all 20-30 images selected by the photographer. Images will be in both color + black and white. Copyrights to these images are also given to allow for personal usage and prints.

The Family Session $225

  • 1-2 hour session on location
  • Allows up to 5 people ($25 per additional person / max 8 people)
  • One additional outfit change for each person
  • A Private Online Gallery of 20-30 images
  • A Portrait CD of all 20-30 images selected by the photographer. Images will be in both color + black and white. Copyrights to these images are also given to allow for personal usage and prints.

The Before & After Session $375

  • A Full 1-2 hour Maternity Session + 3-4 hour Newborn Session
  • Allows for 3 people ($25 per additional person)
  • 3 outfits (Maternity Session) / One extra outfit (Newborn)
  • A Private Online Gallery of 20-30 images for EACH session
  • 2 Portrait CD’s each containing 20-30 images from EACH session, selected by the photographer. Images will be in both color + black and white. Copyrights to these images are also given to allow for personal usage and prints.

**Individual Maternity or Newborn sessions offered *please ask for pricing*

The new sessions are more packages in a whole now that you also receive the Portrait CD automatically. It’s been such a hit with all of my clients that I gave an extra $25 discount on all the session fees which brings you to the pricing you see above! This is all on the website: www.stephaniepanaphotography.com

I am also going to be running a few small promotions through out the next few months. My main special is going to be something called “Fall Into The Season – Mini Sessions” Quick, fun sessions at a discounted price! Here’s a bit more detail…

Fall Into The Season: Mini Sessions $100

One hour. One person. One outfit. One location. One great experience!

Clients will also receive a Portrait CD of 10-15 post processed images in both color + black and white, selected by the photographer. This disc also features the full copyrights to the selected images for usage to make your own personal prints!

The Mini Sessions are a great benefit for those just needing basic updated photos or maybe you’re on a budget and would still like to get a great session! These are also great for the little ones who usually only like to be in front of the camera for short amounts of time!


I hope to throw a few more promotions in the next few months especially so for my clients that are referring me to others. I will show the love and appreciate in someway – I promise you! Till then, visit stephaniepanaphotography.com for all the above details and send a message my way if you’re interested in booking a session!

Thanks so much guys for a great summer so far! You’ve all made my dreams come true and I owe it to you! Here’s to another great season ahead!

Katie L. | Chicago Portrait Photographer

1 Jul

Katie is such a natural beauty with such an upbeat personality. She is fashion forward and always understanding of her surroundings. Not only can she bring forth great ideas in front of the camera but behind it as well. Having someone as creative as she is made my job as a photographer extremely fun and easy! She constantly inspired me to try new things and step out of the box. Her outfits brought so many different personalities out of her and I think that’s the best part about fashion; the way it makes you feel.

Sam W. | Chicago Maternity Photographer

1 Jul

I have to start off by thanking Sam & Jeremy for dealing with the extreme heat that the day brought us. They both brought so much forward for me and had some incredible ideas. Sam brought us to this incredible spot that was filled with so many unique areas! From heat to sweat, Sam brought true beauty as she showcased her first steps into motherhood! I can’t tell you how happy I am for her and cannot wait to meet baby Marley ♥