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Afternoon at Waveland

31 Mar

What an awesome day it was today. I decided to take advantage of it and go see this place called ‘Waveland’ which is a Kentucky state historic site. It was pretty awesome. Almost like stepping back in time! Felt very colonial? I suppose that will be the word. I have an upcoming senior session this Thursday with Haley. I’m pretty excited about it! My first real session in a while. While yes, I do photograph people pretty much every day at work it’s just not the same when you get to take out your own camera and make your own rules! Be on the look out for a new post soon 🙂


Session Book Preview!

25 Mar

It’s not completely finished, but we’re at about 95% to being done with it. This is something I’ve taken the past week to do and I finally feel good about it. I wanted to make the design flashier but then I realized it didn’t look professional. Nothing like a clean & simple design. Everyone can read and understand it so that is what will matter most. I’m extremely proud of myself for taking these huge leaps into this experience. It’s finally coming together just as I thought it would and it feels great. I can’t wait to get into some sessions this Spring and really kick my portfolio up a notch.

Next step will be business cards, which I am printing on Friday hopefully. Then I need to decide on what kind of Flash website I need. WordPress isn’t cutting it, I’m sorry! I just need some place for clients to go to and have a private gallery for viewing their images. I want to be as professional as I can right off the bat even though sometimes I feel so inexperienced. I know I have it in me and the support I feel just makes it that much more realistic.

Hope all is well with everyone! If you haven’t booked your session yet, I highly suggest doing so this Spring & Summer because once Fall rolls around I’m going back to my normal prices. Take advantage of this 50% off discount. I’ve been told I’m crazy for giving such cheap prices for my work but I understand that not everyone has the money to spend on photos. My duty is to give you high quality images and service at a low price.

A Huge Thank You…

22 Mar

To every person who has taken the time to support this dream of mine.  Just the acknowledgment of knowing how many people are behind me and what I enjoy doing makes this all feel so real. I have at least 6 sessions booked when I come back home. Not all the dates are set but I am still astonished that this is actually my job. It feels so natural for me.

I’ve literally put so much thought into everything! I’ve made model releases, copyright releases, session guides, packages, prices, consultation forms, EVERYTHING. I’m trying to be as professional as I can be but it still comes down to the fact I still have much to learn. More so on the business side of things. Making sure I learn how to do print orders in an professional manner, being strict on my prices and knowing what I offer inside and out. I would also like to feel more comfortable with my pricing on additional items. Like I said, I still have much to learn but that is the great part about all of this. I am so ready and eager to be the best that I can be.

I am so thankful. This life of mine is beginning to feel like its really finding its own path and I’m positive I can do all these things.

Looking For Models!

12 Mar

I am currently booking for the upcoming Summer. I am also running a special along with this which includes a free 8x1o and an additional 50% off of your session fee. This means sessions are down from $100-$200 to ONLY $50-$100. Incredible deal if you ask me 🙂

I am doing this to not only build up some clientele but to also bring up my portfolio! I cannot thank you all enough for the continued support I receive from you. Please, keep a look out for even more specials and updates via this website!

Then & Now

11 Mar

Little Miss Ryleigh is such a delight every time I see her! Since the first day I saw this tiny beauty I knew she’d keep growing more and more gorgeous each and every day! First set is from her newborn photos at 5 days old! Then I finally got to see little miss again when she was 6 months! The last photo is her at 9 months. Gosh, what a pretty girl!

Mommy & Daddy To Be!

11 Mar

Maternity is my one area that I’d really like to improve in the most. I don’t get too much experience with it but whenever I do I feel like I freeze into the same poses. I’ll work on that 🙂 Meet Miranda & Justin, Mommy and Daddy to Cayden whom I blogged previous to this entry. They were troopers with my ideas and I thank you both for giving me your time to try some things out!

Baby Cayden

11 Mar

Welcome to the world Mister Cayden. Only three days old at the time, he was definitely the youngest baby I’ve gotten to photograph to date! What a blessing it is. I had him all to myself for about two hours. Mom was still pretty tired so I play the role of mama which is always a fun time. He slept like a rock! I couldn’t have asked for anything better from him. I wish I had more time to play around with a few more poses but he let me know when he was finished! What a gorgeous boy, take a look!