A Huge Thank You…

22 Mar

To every person who has taken the time to support this dream of mine.  Just the acknowledgment of knowing how many people are behind me and what I enjoy doing makes this all feel so real. I have at least 6 sessions booked when I come back home. Not all the dates are set but I am still astonished that this is actually my job. It feels so natural for me.

I’ve literally put so much thought into everything! I’ve made model releases, copyright releases, session guides, packages, prices, consultation forms, EVERYTHING. I’m trying to be as professional as I can be but it still comes down to the fact I still have much to learn. More so on the business side of things. Making sure I learn how to do print orders in an professional manner, being strict on my prices and knowing what I offer inside and out. I would also like to feel more comfortable with my pricing on additional items. Like I said, I still have much to learn but that is the great part about all of this. I am so ready and eager to be the best that I can be.

I am so thankful. This life of mine is beginning to feel like its really finding its own path and I’m positive I can do all these things.


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