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Thank You, Picture People | Stephanie Pana Photography | 2010

24 Apr

Not sure if many of you know my background with The Picture People, but I’ve been working with the company for 2 years now and just had my last day this week. I know what you’re saying, but this place taught me SO much. Sure, my style outside of the studio is very different but this studio taught me all the basics that no book or any college could have ever taught me. I had hands on experience every day I worked there and every session I’ve ever done in the past couple years has lead me to the photographer that I am today. I have seen so much growth in myself in not only the past 2 years but even in the past 6 months!

This job taught me the true foundations of photography. I learned posing, lighting, and all the in’s and out’s of good camera technique. I learned how to work with all age groups and all types of portrait photography. I have gained so much knowledge of being a good sales person and a good person to my customers. All of these lessons I have learned over the past two years have helped me take off on my own journey into photography and turn what I’ve learned there into something I can call my own.

I know a lot of true photographers don’t like these kind of studios, and I get that. A lot of photographers at these places have no clue what they are doing but I was lucky enough to be blessed with a great small crew of people who individually taught me something about this art. I think the studio I worked at offered something fresh and unique and I am so grateful to have been a part of that. Giving people portraits of some pretty great memories.

Being that this was my last week, I thought it was amazing that I got one of the photos I had taken last year into this month’s “Portrait Times” (a monthly magazine for The Picture People studios)! In the two years I’ve worked here I had never gotten anything published so to see this was such a wonderful feeling. It felt like a great sign of things to come in my future as a photographer on my own terms. What a beautiful journey I have had with this company. I can’t even begin to tell you!  Thank you to my ladies at 372, I will miss you all!!

*The image above is copyright to The Picture People and not myself*


Love, Inspiration & Support | Stephanie Pana Photography | 2010

8 Apr

I’d like to take the time to give thanks to all the fellow photographers I’ve ever come across. You all give me inspiration every time I look at your images. To know that we all feel this strong passion about our art just makes me feel connected to everyone out there who has the same dreams and aspirations that I do! I am no where near where I need to be but thats becoming the best part of this. Looking ahead and knowing that great things are to follow!

I can’t believe I’ve already booked 15 sessions for this summer so far! I don’t know if that’s a lot to most people but to me its something great because people are giving ME a chance. A chance to give them a great gift and in return I get to enjoy what I do best. How great is that? I really am starting to fully believe in myself. I am still nervous about many things and need to take more time to learn the business aspect of all this but that will come with time and practice. I finally feel like I know what I am going to do with my life. Photographs are everlasting and people will always want them. This is such an incredible field to be in and I am so proud to be starting my journey on the path to becoming a true professional.

I can’t express how much love, inspiration & support I feel from anyone who I’ve crossed paths with on this journey I’m taking. Your helping me in so many ways and I can’t thank you enough!

And just to make sure I didn’t leave this post without an image….

Spring time is such a great thing. Beautiful weather and always feeling great.

The Toomey Family | Easter 2010 | Stephanie Pana Photography

5 Apr

What a great day it was today! The weather was outstanding so it made for a perfect day to do the first BBQ of the year. Hot dogs & hamburgers, yum! Right around sunset I decided to start taking photos of everyone and it turned into a pretty great session. Took lots and lots of photos, so many to choose from! What a great family they are. Makes me miss mine so much! I’ll be with them soon enough! Here is a few from today for you all to enjoy. I sure do love sunset time for photos 🙂

Miss Ryleigh Turns One! | Butler, KY | Stephanie Pana Photography

4 Apr

I have been photographing this little lady since day one!  I can’t believe she is already going to be one! I’m so glad I got to do her first birthday session before I move back to Chicago. It just wouldn’t have been right if I didn’t! We headed out to Butler, KY a tiny little town near Cincinnati where we spent most of the day together and then right around sunset, it was perfect timing! They had some great landscape to use right by the apartment so we stayed near by and got some pretty great images of her with Mommy as well! Check them out!

A big thanks to Caprice & Brandon for always letting me photograph her in all her first year milestones (newborn, 6 months, 1 year) I can’t believe how big she’s already gotten. She’s got such a big heart. You both are blessed! Enjoy!