Andrea & Stephanie | May 2010 | Stephanie Pana Photography

21 May

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve felt like I’ve really stepped it up and kicked it into gear with my photography. Maybe it’s the pressure of knowing I’m selling my art as a product or maybe it’s the pure joy I’ve gotten from each and every session I’ve had. They’ve felt real and I have amazed myself at how I’ve drastically changed my boundaries of my style of photography.

My most recent session took me to a new location than the usual spot I am used to shooting at. It was urban, very textured, and very structured lines. Completely different than a broken down building, a field or grass. It felt wonderful to be able to transition so well into a new environment and take control of my surroundings.

I couldn’t have picked a better session for this than my two friends, Andrea & Stephanie. Andrea has just graduated from Notre Dame and is about to embark on some pretty incredible things. Stephanie is going to be following right in her footsteps next year. Both these lovely ladies are so intelligent and have such pure beauty abut them. Couldn’t resist to post a few sneak peeks!


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