Archive | June, 2010

Isaiah A. | Chicago Portrait Photographer

26 Jun

Isaiah and I used to dance together back in the day! I make us sound so old, haha. He was so very talented and still is to this day. It was great to catch up with him after almost 5 whole years! His sister is Jessica, who I previously had a session with and it was great to see the whole family tag along again for his session. They are the most supportive, helpful people I’ve ever met!

Isaiah had the best “fashion team”. His sisters picked everything from his shirts, hats, jacket, etc! It was awesome to see how into it everyone got. It makes my day to see that. Isaiah blew me away with his natural modeling abilities and natural behavior in front of the camera. Always makes my job easy! 🙂

Enjoy this preview guys!


Katrina + Joe | Chicago Engagement Photographer

26 Jun

What an incredibly fun session this was! Katrina & Joe are so in love and it’s amazing to be able to showcase such emotions into a photograph. I get so lucky with all the people I’ve photographed to completely open themselves up to the camera. It honestly makes for the most incredible images! I absolutely loved this spot they chose. Joe actually proposed to Katrina here at Lake Katherine! It was romantic to say the least 🙂

Thank you both for your great ideas and always being up for anything! I wish you both the best with everything. You two so look happy and in love! Enjoy these photos as a memory of what you felt that day!

Luisa + Nick | Chicago Engagement Photographer | Stephanie Pana

21 Jun

So I truly believe I witnessed some of the most real and true love I’ve ever seen yesterday. My beautiful cousin, Luisa invited me into her world with her soon to be husband, Nick. We took an adventure around the gorgeous city Chicago, the place that I call home! They have such strong passion for each other and it shines through on every photograph. So many great memories captured in such a magical and romantic time in their lives. I couldn’t be any happier that I was chosen to be there for it all and help them remember these beautiful times in their lives. I wish you both nothing but the best. I hope to keep photographing all of your big events in life from marriage, to children – I’ll be there! ❤

From the bottom of my heart, enjoy each of these photos to pieces. You both have shown everyone what true love really is!

Mister Kane | Stephanie Pana | Chicago Baby Photographer

17 Jun

What a breathe of fresh air it was to photograph an infant again! I was very excited to meet this little guy and he was just a bundle of happiness. Just about to be 5 months old and pretty much sitting up on his own! He was such a cutie! Always had his hand glued to his little mouth. It was so adorable! He lasted almost two whole hours for us! I couldn’t have asked for a better family! A huge thanks to Patty & Kurt for inviting me into their home to capture these unforgettable moments.

Miss Emily | Stephanie Pana | Chicago Senior Photographer

12 Jun

Meet the ever so lovely Emily! An up and coming Senior into high school. What an absolute joy it was to photograph this lovely lady right here. Such profound features which came across beautifully on camera. I am officially in love with the sun after this session. So many beautiful photos we captured during sunset. This may be my new favorite spot! Thanks so much to Emily and Judie for their help in making this quite a memorable session. Enjoy!

Anthony Pana | Stephanie Pana | Chicago Senior Photographer

8 Jun

I’d like to introduce you all to my little brother who isn’t quite so little anymore these days! I surprised him yesterday and offered to do his Senior photos. Yikes! He’s already a senior?! Now I feel old 😉 I can’t believe how much this kid has grown up. Music is his passion and you can definitely see it in him every day! I’m so extremely proud of the person he’s become and will continue to be. Talented, charismatic & genuinely a great person inside and out.

I love you baby brother. Too bad you’re actually not a baby anymore! Congratulations on this memorable time in your life. Cherish it with everything you can. I’m so happy to be here and see you become the man I know you’re bound to be!

Miss Julie | Stephanie Pana | Chicago Teen Photographer

7 Jun

Right from the start Julie was such an inspiration. Her hair was incredible! The best part, it’s all natural! How’d I get so lucky to get a curly, red head with bright blue eyes!? It was great to change things up a bit. Tonight session definitely did  just that. Had to do a little re-arranging of session times because the weather decided to change drastically and play games with me! About 2 outfits in the clouds came rolling through and then came the rain. First drizzling which we bared with then it starting raining a little harder so we took the remainder of our session to the barn area where we were sheltered from the wetness! She was truly a pleasure to work with and I swear by the end of our session had so much confidence about herself I could swear she had SOME kind of modeling in her background.

My models & clients never cease to amaze me. I’ve been so blessed to get such gorgeous and fashionable people to step in front of my camera. They work just as hard as I do and I can’t thank them enough for giving me these incredible images! Julie, enjoy these photographs. They have captured a beautiful moment in time which I am honored to have taken for you.