Miss Julie | Stephanie Pana | Chicago Teen Photographer

7 Jun

Right from the start Julie was such an inspiration. Her hair was incredible! The best part, it’s all natural! How’d I get so lucky to get a curly, red head with bright blue eyes!? It was great to change things up a bit. Tonight session definitely did  just that. Had to do a little re-arranging of session times because the weather decided to change drastically and play games with me! About 2 outfits in the clouds came rolling through and then came the rain. First drizzling which we bared with then it starting raining a little harder so we took the remainder of our session to the barn area where we were sheltered from the wetness! She was truly a pleasure to work with and I swear by the end of our session had so much confidence about herself I could swear she had SOME kind of modeling in her background.

My models & clients never cease to amaze me. I’ve been so blessed to get such gorgeous and fashionable people to step in front of my camera. They work just as hard as I do and I can’t thank them enough for giving me these incredible images! Julie, enjoy these photographs. They have captured a beautiful moment in time which I am honored to have taken for you.


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