“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Stephanie Pana Photography. Stephanie was prepared with lots of ideas and made me feel completely at ease in front of the camera. Her professionalism is well beyond the years she’s lived. You can tell her craft is truly her art and she takes great care in cultivating it. Stephanie captures moments that take your breath away, memories that make you smile. She eloquently captures the mystery of life, inviting us to see as she does. I would recommend Stephanie Pana Photography to anyone who would, for a moment, like time to stand still.”

– Ericka Lashley

“To me photography is more than just a picture capturing moments. Photography is capturing things that are rare and so precious. I believe that the beauty of photography consists of cherished emotions. A picture tells stories, and feelings. You will see all in Stephanie’s beautiful pictures. There are reasons why she does different lighting, angles, and certain poses. Looking though her work brings such creativity and imagination. I knew I wanted to work with her as soon as I glanced at her albums. Her definition of photography was “said” in her pictures and it just so happened to be mine as well.

I’m so glad I got to be one of her models because we are both up to anything and both want to create new, different styles. I love modeling because I can create a character and bring that to life. I can have the ability to put my emotions in a picture and to me, I believe that’s the best feeling. Modeling is not about pretty hair and an expensive outfit, it’s working well with your photographer and it’s developing magic with the beauty of art and creativity. Wokring with Stephanie is such a pleasure and she will make sure the pictures will “say” something that you want. Stephanie’s brilliance in photography consists of natural settings, vintage work, black and whites and of course excellent work with colors and high-fashion, which is truly a breath of fresh air.”

– Katie Lundberg

“I love that you take the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen, and you’re not afraid to try to new things with new people! You have such a big heart. Thank you for making average girls feel extraordinary in front of a camera.”

– Gina Johnson

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